Christopher Scott, Ph.D
1350 W. 5th Ave. Ste. 12
Columbus, Ohio 43212
Phone: 614-449-6473

"I have found Chris' insight to be accurate and very helpful on my journey. Chris is a caring and compassionate individual who is truly interested in helping others."

Kelly Creamer 
London, OH 

“I have been a client of Christopher Scott for over 4 years. His readings are insightful and almost all of what he has predicted has come true. He has the ability to accurately describe the people and their personalities that are in my life. Christopher is a very good person and I respect his psychic gift and abilities."

Kathy M.
Columbus, OH

“Christopher Scott is an amazing talent in the field of spiritual and intellectual readings. He is intuitive and insightful."

Marcia Evans
Columbus, OH 

“Chris has a great perception with any health concerns. Everyone at the party was happy with their readings. I will definitely have another party with Chris."

Marysville, OH

“I have know Christopher for many years...too many to count. He not only does reading for my family and I, but has become a dear friend of the family. 
One reading that sticks out in my mind was right after I had a car accident that injured both of my hands, Christopher was very adamant that I would have surgery on my left hand. Confused as my right hand was the one giving me so much trouble, I doubted what he told me. In short, I became immune to the anti-inflammatory medicine and had such severe pain in my left hand to the point I could not even move my thumb that my Specialist informed me surgery was my only alternative...Talk about mind boggling. 
Recently, he informed me in a reading that my boyfriend whom I thought I was going to marry, was going to break up with me. Again, I doubted my friend once again, only to have the painful reality slap me in the face right after Christmas. Christopher is very insightful and doesn't hold anything back...even if it is something you don't want to hear. He will NOT 'sugar-coat' things...he tells it as his Spirit guides tell him!!"

Baton Rouge, LA