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Planetary Beads For Prosperity
Dr. Scott, who is a spiritual master, has personally blessed these Planetary Beads which can help us create the most phenomenal life that we can imagine. These beads are extremely powerful, as they actually help break our karma which is connected to the movement of the 9 planets. Breaking our karma is important to help us create the life that we want. Each set has 108 beads and that is the magical number. There are 108 stars in the constellations of the 12 zodiac, 108 beads represent the passage of the 9 planets through the 12 zodiac and there are 108 bones in the human body; 108 is very powerful because it is the exact number that gets us in tune with the universe. When we tune ourselves with the universe, miraculous things happen. At the present time, most people are out of alignment with the earth and universe and that it why these beads are so vitally important.  

1] How to use the beads - [A]Hold them is your right hand between your thumb and index and middle fingers. Say the mantra of your choice on each bead - move to the next bead using your thumb. Do at least one round on the beads of your favorite mantra. Think of what you want to create - see it & feel it as if it's already happened! See my YouTube page for mantras
[B] Absorb their energy by wearing them so they touch your skin. You can also wear they outside of your clothes (now that's making a powerful fashion statement) or in your pocket. 
2] How to re-charge your beads: Place them in the sun for an hour and in the moonlight for an hour at least once a month.
3] If the string of your beads break it means that some powerful negative karma has broken - it's a good sign. Replace with a new pair - do not re-string them! Blessings & Light - Dr. Scott

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$35.00 Dollars.

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